The Val-Aires and beyond
From Turtle Creek (ahem, Turtle Crick), Pennsylvania...
Bill, Chuck, Don, Hugh.

The internationally famous vocal singing group, The Vogues® are here.

They bring us "that sound" which is the harmony, the energy,
the musical experience...the original four.

Our intention is to dedicate this site to the members of the
original Vogues® group. This not-for-profit site will
document and celebrate their past, present, and future... including the
reunion of all 4 members on stage at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame
induction concert. Welcome to the first and original website
dedicated to the original group that we all know and love.

The history of the Vogues® is complicated. But to make it simple,
here is what is going on today:

It is not our intention to get involved with discussions on trademark
ownership or to direct business to either performer. The use of the
trademark name on this site is strictly for reference purposes only and
it is to be noted that the aforementioned name is a registered trademark
of Stan Elich and Bengar Inc. As such, our primary intention is to
celebrate the original performances and offer neutral information
on what is going on in the world of the Vogues® today.


(03-01-2018) Bill Burkette (born William W. Burkette III on September
17, 1942) passed away on March 1, 2018 after a battle with cancer.
He will be missed. As an original member of The Vogues, he will
always be remembered through his skillful velvet-smooth lead vocal contributions
to the group.

(04-29-2013) Hugh Geyer is no longer performing with the trademark
Vogues. He is enjoying retirement (again) to spend time with his wife,
family and grandchildren. Bill Burkette continues to perform.

(06-03-2008) Bill Burkette has been reunited with The Vogues! WOW!
If you haven't seen them, this may be your last chance to see The Vogues
with two of the original wonderful voices. Read about it here.

(04-01-2007) Hugh Geyer has been reunited with the internationally
famous Vogues® group. After decades of absence, he is back performing
with the Vogues® and is touring all over the country.
This is a must-see for any Vogues fan!


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