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Buyer's Guide to the original members Music

The real deal:

Listen to any of these 4 albums/CDs and "that special sound" will become clear.
These are the guys who founded a unique harmony, and they did it with ease.
They truly enjoyed what they did and had fun every step of the way.
Simply put, you can hear it in their voices. And they could still do it

These are the guys we know and love. Click to see a larger image. All original members All original members
The most recently released compilations. All original members All original members

See the latest pictures of the original members from the Induction Ceremony

This picture is from an album cover that showed up circa 1995. If you want to hear the originals, don't buy this one. No original members here
This must be someone's idea of a joke! It has pictures of the original members, but most of the songs are re-recorded by a different group. There are two tracks by the original members, which makes it even more misleading. Original pictures, but reproduced music

Summary: some of the media collections actually contain a few original
songs mixed with "new" reproduced songs. Others are simply nothing but
re-recordings. If you want true original music, purchase the media as
listed in the "real deal" examples above. Also verify the songs using
the discography compiled by original member Hugh Geyer himself.

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