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New CD release on February 24, 2023!
At CO & CE -- The Complete Singles & More

The Vogues -- At CO & CE -- The Complete Singles & More *

This CD features recordings from the original CO & CE masters. Including songs and singles
that have been out of print, and/or not part of any previous official album releases.

I've had a chance to preview the CD and it rocks. It's not a typical "remaster".
It sounds like a faithful pull from the original masters and plays warmly through
my 1972 Rotel receiver and vintage speakers via a vintage Onkyo CD player.
A nice surprise for digital media.

It's not overproduced like some previous releases. In fact
many songs are in mono, as they were originally, for the pressings.

No attempt was made to artifically remix mono into stereo (a good thing). The backing music
sounds more natural (to me) from the 60s rather than sounding over-equalized like some
modern recordings. Don't expect the vocals to be booming like other remastered takes.

Do expect to hear the music rocking like the 60s did (and should) with no
overengineering or overproduction. Vinyl enthusiasts who can bear to play a CD
should appreciate the quality of this release. A proper "restoration" if you will.

It sounds like the master tapes are playing right there in my living room!

If the CD sales are strong, there are talks that it may later be pressed on
vinyl. So if vinyl is your thing, please buy a CD and maybe there will be a surprise later.

I honestly feel this new CD rocks in ways the Vogues never rocked before. You
will want to grab your partner and get up and dance!

Such a warm production quality. It's my favorite new old release of Vogues material yet.

This CD has been officially blessed by surviving original members Hugh and Chuck,
who both assisted in writing the liner notes.

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